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Haltech/MoTec/EMtron & 14.7 Adapters

We design our adapters for cars with stock wiring. If you have any custom wiring (like us) then you should expect to tweak a wire or two in your harness/patch. Your tuner should be prepared to sort those out or at the very least, be aware of what will need to be done. This is NORMAL and expected for modified cars. That's why we designed the harness with a fully serviceable patch.

When installing a stand-alone ECU, your tuner will need to configure / scale sensors, injectors, fuel, AFR and other tables BEFORE the car will start to sing. Don't be alarmed if the vehicle doesn't start on the supplied base map. The stock ECUs are designed to run across a wide range of parameters. If you have a poor ground or damaged trigger wire, the stock ECU will compensate and still start. The stand-alone will not. There isn't anything wrong w/ the adapter or patch, just need to sort the wiring first.

Your tuner should have the capability to:

  • Calibrate the pedal and TPS
  • Edit and Scale fuel injectors and sensors
  • Check continuity on the adapter, harness and vehicle
  • Document components on the vehicle and research component calibration settings

We leave the adapter un-mounted until after the tune. If you have to adjust any pins, you'll want it accessible.

Make sure to align the blue or white dots on the connector to the corresponding adapter.

Many things can affect the trigger sync. The vehicle may run on the stock ECU and NOT start w/ a stand-alone, especially if you dont' have consistent voltage.

  • Check VR Sensor Wiring
  • Disable Injectors. State should be (s/b) RUNNING while cranking
  • Disable Injectors. Sync Level s/b @ 1/2 while cranking

You must validate/adjust the injector data for the vehicle. If the car starts but will not stay running, this is a common cause.

  • Lookup Injector Data
  • Scale AND setup Dead Time

Again, sensors that work with a stock ECU may not have enough range/capability/mapping for a stand-alone.

  • Check MAP is correct for your sea level pressure. We look for 14.3-14.2 Psi or 98-100KPA at our shop because the elevation is ~800ft

Your stand-alone ECU will need to understand what is happening w/ your pump at all times. Talk to your tuner about the setup and have them validate how the car is wired/configured.

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